The Start Of Something New

November 29, 2019

When Ryan proposed on October 31, I thought about the entirety of our relationship. From the travels and adventures to the struggles and hardships. We've traveled to a few places together and also experienced the perils of a long distance relationship...

For a few years it's been a goal of ours to start a blog or vlog to share our story and everyday life for years and we had never acted on this goal. People have asked us to share our stories and even maybe record vlogs. We've put it off and been quite lazy. Recently I had a friend start a podcast Te Passion Project.

It's an inspiring podcast that's:

"Aimed at people who are wanting to take steps towards cultivating their passions, and who are also on the way to making their goals and dreams a reality".

After listening to it I couldn't help but think:

"Imagine where we would be now, if we had just tried earlier".

So here we are now, trying to achieve our goals, all while we're on our road to marriage.

Photo at Piha Beach / Captured by Cathryne Herrera

As much as we hope to help and entertain people with this site, if no one ends up reading this, it won't bring us down because at least we'll have documented something important to us.

- Priscilla

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