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Between Oakland and Auckland, we're here to share tips and our stories on long distance relationships and everyday things in life, all on the way to getting hitched!

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Learn How To Code

It's a crazy time for the world right now and I've been sitting around thinking, how in the world can I help. We've been seeing a lot of people getting bored in lockdown, self-isolation and/or just social distancing themselves. People are wondering what to do with themselves. I've jokingly told friends to learn how to code. But hey! Why not?
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Ringing In Joy

We're living in a day and age where living a minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more prominent. People are choosing to opt for alternatives that spark joy and bring value to their lives. Engagement rings are no exception. This is my beau...
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Exchanging Pounamu

If you grew up in New Zealand, you either own a pounamu necklace, have a friend who has one or you were kind enough to gift one to someone. Pounamu is the Te Reo Māori word for greenstone also known as jade. In Māori culture it's considered taonga (treasure) and its traditionally gifted rather than purchased by yourself...
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Our Favourite Flight Subscriptions

Long distance relationships are hard on the wallet. We've been lucky enough to visit each other numerous times and a lot of it has to do with the subscribing to websites and apps that offer us good deals. Here our are favourite ones (based on flights between New Zealand and USA)
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The Start Of Something New

When Ryan proposed on October 31, I thought about the entirety of our relationship. From the travels and adventures to the struggles and hardships. We've traveled to a few places together and also experienced the perils of a long distance relationship...
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